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reebok,Tang Qi slightly surprised a moment, followed by Road, the original you have a, not now how much a call, a photo? No mistakes do not skip the word. Yes, I called Ye Qingyue, this year is almost ten years old, I go to you to take photos. Ye Tao smiled and stood up, back to the bedroom, picked up a hand in the photo album, on the return to the living room, the album handed the road, where not only my, and my parents. Tang Qi smiled point, took the album, while Ning Nana also squeezed. Wow, this is your sister, oh so cute.
casio,Yes ah, really cute Oh, the skin is also good. Ning Nana also smiled in line. At the same time, Ye Tao to the two sides scrape together, looked at the photos, laughing, the little guy is pretty cute, but is very naughty, people little devil. That is not good, I would like to have a brother and sister, not yet. Tang Qi turned a supercilious look, turned down the past, and then a look is surprised a moment, I saw above has a man and a woman, the two men look at about twenty-seven eight Xu, face amiable, unusual temperament, from brow Between can see, Ye Tao and they are somewhat similar.
CASIO 手錶,Or other sister, brother-in-law and the like. Tang Qi with a trace of tangled asked. Ye Tao laughed out loud, no good airway, what my brother brother and brother, this is my parents. Ah Tang Nina and Ning Na suddenly uttered exclaimed, one voice, uncle and aunt, too young. Money naturally young. Ye Tao said with a smile, as the other, certainly not and they say. Finally, Tang Qi and Ning Nana also turned to see the photos of Huang Rong. Ning Nana Fortunately, said, have seen a time, but this is also very sad heart, because the last time she was lucky Ye Tao, but this time the girl appeared in the family portrait, how can this be.
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