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reebok pump,Shaw said excitedly, keep tears, his face was a smile. Road level to see the mother so, immediately stepped forward to his mother in his arms: Ping children all right, father, he was not at home? Xiao sighed and said: Your father, he did not wait until you come back. Six months ago, left. Lupine heard startled: left, no, no. Father, he just went out, right? Shaw will wipe the eyes of tears, shook his head on the road level: a year ago, your father that you are in distress, they suddenly ill.
reebok官方網站,Six months before the end died. After the mountain village of the new heap is your father's grave. You come back, and go to a good worship. Lupine brain flashed with the father of all kinds of circumstances, teach themselves to study, teach their own boxing, give yourself all sorts of truth. Former that knowledgeable, kind-hearted father, is always the tallest image of his mind. Danxiashan from their own after the busy practice, they rarely return home. Just do not know the old strong build his father in becoming more and more powerful, but in the increasingly aging, and finally fell ill.
Skechers,Beam on the arrival of the day, the magic army when the voice of shock days. Com palm peak peak stone house woman gently sighed: years of retreat, the end can not be forgotten. Zhong Qian, you hurt me bitter! With the sound of the end of the stone house, a sound explosion. Stone house collapsed, gravel toward the peak under the fly, revealing a color clothing woman, the woman's face has been covered with wrinkles, but still not diminished gorgeous Fengzi. At the moment this woman is shining in the eyes of a firm light. Pubic region set shrink, Tian Jie as! Women gently Road.
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