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adidas官方網站,We seem to have changed our previous strategy. Chu: Since we know that Terminator is not a fool, then they are lessons learned after several failures is common sense, you first go to the periphery to conduct close combat with them hiding. But he has installed lightning protection devices Xiang lightning strikes and did not work, and although the plant is bound to live the robot but it is a lot of people, They are quickly cut with a laser, while those hidden in the robot's Terminator robot also help to get rid of the shackles of plants, they use the tactics even with Chu Xiang's resolve to resolve the.
adidas boost,The robot fell to the ground while another robot was its body down, and just that the robot shot the laser poof shot in another robot, suddenly the robot hit the three major holes in the terminator see Chu Xiang invasion Close, they immediately jump out from the robot with Chu Xiang hit together. Chu Xiang is now a disadvantage, the robot completely controlled by the computer, firing accuracy and time just fine, plus the Terminator in the next trouble, Chu Xiang played ten minutes did not even kill one, and even dig The opportunity to have no gun, although the destruction of three robots, but this is still so annoyed Chu Xiang, Do you really want to see the Almighty King home?
Adidas貝殼頭,In fact, Chu Xiang has been through the storm's cover into the ground, even if the robot's radar scan is still effective may not be able to pay attention to the foot, Chu Xiang quickly hit a big cave, and then he will eventually support the force removed, A big hole, more than a dozen robots all fall into the hole, they are controlled by the computer even if the body is no longer a quick reaction time leveraging, Chu Xiang carrying a sword from the soil to drill out, he would hack a robot to destroy Of the seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight, and this time only to track the terminator Chu Xiang's shadow, Chu Xiang beat the past, the terminator body stiff, although not too long but enough Chu Xiang gun shot, but two Ten Terminator, lost in the robot after they cover the storm in the loss and then quickly be eliminated.
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