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Nike,And soon they have been washed on the big Luo mirror in front, crystal Ling did not even stand firm with the heel began operation. I saw has narrowed the big Luo mirror sky, and instantly expanded to the Barry diameter, as the sky fell down, the town of the city immediately on the dark down, but fortunately the city not many people, and the people inside are very calm, It did not make out what Oolong. But crystal Ling and Atlas are also not care so much. The two bodies hanging in the air, to be exact, is in the top of the big Luo mirror.
Jordan,Sure enough, only about less than ten interest rate of time, large mirror wide Luo began to appear on the image, and they are particularly fast flashing, like a revolving door in general. At first, you can see the contents of the image vaguely, but over time, the image switch faster and faster, and finally only a blur, even to the Atlas of the eye can only barely see. More and more to see the face of the Atlas more strange, of which naturally have the ability to surprise Jing Ling, a lot of very hidden corner she can be clearly shown it.
nike 官網,If you want to explore, to explore, it may not be able to get some precious treasures. However, these are not the reasons for surprise, his real surprise is that Jing Ling is so looking for actually did not find the slightest known leaves the whereabouts of the fall. If he said he did shielding it, he did not do so necessary; if the detection range is not enough, right? Atlas I also think it is impossible, now in desperation, crystal Ling show her real strength, almost half of Once upon a range of her detection, in which he even saw the immortal Emperor Xian Di Residence.
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