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skechers,Long heart is more and more proud, although this woman is also a brain evolution, but it is clear that she is not a level with their own, although her strength is not weak brain waves, but in front of their own children did not grow up, but in order to Never to be troubled, she must be removed. Long quick absorption of Xie Shanshan brain information, he is ready to Xie Shanshan into an idiot, and Xie Shanshan this unit is not weak ability will be transferred to his body, when his brain surgery will be more Accurate, it can be considered the accident of the Chinese line it, can not think of the sick man known as East Asia, China has also evolved, do not know in addition to her there are no other people.
reebok,Long shock E prepared to turn the person completely destroyed, but his brain waves have not come out, call, a long neck pain, he could not help but reach out and touched, not his head? Why can see their own body, it seems that the body above the little things, and then a closer look, the original spray of blood on the neck missing pieces head. He can control a certain range of brain thinking of all, to limit their freedom of movement, to his skill Zombie have to obediently listen to the order, Not to mention ordinary people, but he never imagined that some people escaped his control, and this person's strength is still so powerful, in this person under a long strike did not resist the time and ability to leave the body after the brain No longer control other people free, let alone control the operation of objects such as bullets.
casio,Opportunity finally came. Xie Shanshan before doing all the best to help Chu Xiang to lift the brain controlled, although her ability is far under long. But long to pride and negligence in the absence of a timely leak, and he was busy to deal with Xie Shanshan did not even pay attention to each other is still under his control, Chu Xiang take advantage of this short time to make every effort to reach out a bone wings fast Show the past. Chi ripping around a long neck in a circle. Suddenly killed him added to the rest of the body immediately lifted, Song Jun, Zhang Debing strength only under the Chu Xiang, they are second to break through the restrictions.
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